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these are a few of my favorite things!

 Don’t miss out sweeties! Sale ends Sunday Aprils 13th.

Bow x Heart Lollipop earrings are back in the shop by blacktulipshop(x)

Bubblegum Candy Colored Glass Bead Bracelet by blacktulipshop (x)

Pastel Seahorse Charms by blacktulipshop(x)

Glass of Stars Necklace by blacktulipshop(x)

Sweet Red Cherry Earrings(x)

New bow in my Etsy shop(x)

Pastel Seahorse Earrings by black tulip shop(x)

My Etsy shop(x) has reached it 2000th sale, THANKS!

Welcome to the black tulip shop giveaway! To have a look at all the kawaii accessories in my Etsy shop just click HERE.

To celebrate the hoIiday season we have decided to have a GIVEAWAY! Just reblog this post and you will be entered to win the prize pack.

The prize pack includes:
                                      1 pink glitter star and pearl bow
                                      1 pastel round stretch bracelet and other
                                         surprise goodies!


  • Reblog only time please, I don’t want to be considered spam (likes don’t count) and blogs made for reblogging giveaways only will not win even if picked, I’ll pick again.
  • DON’T have to follow me but it would be nice! (≧▽≦*)
  • Must be 18 years old(sorry, Tumblr rule not mine)
  • For US residents only
  • Your tumblr must NOT contain any racist or sexist posts of any kind  

Deadline : December the 22nd at 10pmEST
I will pick the winner by entering it into a random number generator site.
If you win I will contact you via PM (Ask box must be open)and I will publish a post anouncing the winner. You only have 24 hrs to contact me and give me your name and mailing address. If you don’t, I will chose another winner. 

Don’t forget to check out my shop(CLICK HERE) for cute and fun accessories!
Follow me here or Facebook for future giveaways! :) 

Please message me if you have any questions. 

This giveaway is not associated with Tumblr.

black tulip shop(x)

I’m having a Cyber Monday sale in my Etsy shop with lots of items below $5!
*゜✽。+*✽Come check it out HERE! ✽。+*✽ *゜

★ hi! (^_^) my name is miki ★ i will be posting items from my etsy shop and a collection of fun and interesting things. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any photos posted unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved to the original photographer. black_tulip_shop

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