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these are a few of my favorite things!

First but not last Swimmer stash!
#swimmer #cute #kawaii #mykawaiilife #shopping #harajuku #fairykei #sweetlolita #sweet #pastels #unicorn #bunny #cat #love #girls #girly #bear #bow #strawberry (at 原宿 (Harajuku))

My Melody by Sanrio

POW! ZOOM! POP! Hair bow by blacktulipshop (x)

I love making items that go together! #black_tulip_shop link in profile #redandwhite #retro #etsy #cutejewelry #kawaii #sweetlolita #pouch #bracelet #earrings #bow #hairbow #handmade

Pink Bow x Blue Heart Lollipop Charm by blacktulipshop (x)

#etsy #blacktulipshop

Bow x Heart Lollipop earrings are back in the shop by blacktulipshop(x)

Angelic Pretty(x)

Retro 80s Trinket/Jewelry Box by blacktulipshop (x)

Pink Hello Kitty(x)

Double Hair Bow by black tulip shop(x)

conversation hearts bow(x)

Welcome to the black tulip shop giveaway! To have a look at all the kawaii accessories in my Etsy shop just click HERE.

To celebrate the hoIiday season we have decided to have a GIVEAWAY! Just reblog this post and you will be entered to win the prize pack.

The prize pack includes:
                                      1 pink glitter star and pearl bow
                                      1 pastel round stretch bracelet and other
                                         surprise goodies!


  • Reblog only time please, I don’t want to be considered spam (likes don’t count) and blogs made for reblogging giveaways only will not win even if picked, I’ll pick again.
  • DON’T have to follow me but it would be nice! (≧▽≦*)
  • Must be 18 years old(sorry, Tumblr rule not mine)
  • For US residents only
  • Your tumblr must NOT contain any racist or sexist posts of any kind  

Deadline : December the 22nd at 10pmEST
I will pick the winner by entering it into a random number generator site.
If you win I will contact you via PM (Ask box must be open)and I will publish a post anouncing the winner. You only have 24 hrs to contact me and give me your name and mailing address. If you don’t, I will chose another winner. 

Don’t forget to check out my shop(CLICK HERE) for cute and fun accessories!
Follow me here or Facebook for future giveaways! :) 

Please message me if you have any questions. 

This giveaway is not associated with Tumblr.

★ hi! (^_^) my name is miki ★ i will be posting items from my etsy shop and a collection of fun and interesting things. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any photos posted unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved to the original photographer. black_tulip_shop

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