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these are a few of my favorite things!

Nile Perch

POW! ZOOM! POP! Hair bow by blacktulipshop (x)

ManiaQ backpack

Three star earrings are back in the shop!

Limited time offer - Pastel Pink Star x Iridescent Beads Cell Strap
$4.75USD(before shipping) on Etsy (click here to purchase)
Take advantage of this offer while it last or we sell out. :)

Hey cuties we are having a giveaway on our Facebook page!
Come check it out and enter!

 Giveaway is for US residents only, sorry!

Sparkly Light Blue Hair Bow by blacktulipshop in our Etsy Shop (x)

Silver Vinyl Bow by blacktulipshop on Etsy (x)

pastel stripes x glitter drawstring pouch by blacktulipshop (x)

Back in the Etsy shop!

Pink Bow x Blue Heart Lollipop Charm by blacktulipshop (x)

#etsy #blacktulipshop

★ hi! (^_^) my name is miki ★ i will be posting items from my etsy shop and a collection of fun and interesting things. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any photos posted unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved to the original photographer. black_tulip_shop

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